The best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods

Kingdom Come Deliverance

What are the best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods? Since it’s April 2018 release, the answers to that question has been ever-changing as the community sets to work populating an enormous pile of user-created content, ever-growing in number. That number will grow as the community gains experience with the modding tools, too, but the first wave of mods certainly sorts out some common bugbears. Which will no doubt be handy, given that it can be unforgiving in its quest for realism – mods can help soothe the pain.

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Without mods, you will find a game without crosshairs on your bows, proper visors on your helmets, and harsh saving restrictions. It can be tough going, so if you are suffering more than your fair share of wounds and broken bones, here are the best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods to give you a helping hand, plus a few we would like to see in future. If you need more help, check out our money making, combat, and character build guides.

How to download Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods

best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods

You will find that Nexus Mods is the best place to look for Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods. Adding them to the game can be tricky, but pay careful attention to the instructions given on each mod page and you should not go too far wrong. Typically, however, once you have downloaded your mod – using the button located at the top right of the mod page on Nexus Mods – make your way to the Kingdom Come: Deliverance game file in your Steam folder. Then go to the ‘Data’ folder and extract the contents of your downloaded zip file into that folder. You may want to consider making a backup of the folder before you extract the files into it in case anything goes wrong.

Patches are coming to the game thick and fast so make sure to backup your saves regularly in case the patches mess with them. Also, modding for the game is still a little unstable: according to Warhorse Studios director, Daniel Vavra, in an interview translated by ResetEra, the release of robust modding tools hinges on further discussion with engine provider Crytek. Here’s hoping the community gets the tools they need to craft the Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods we need.

Henry’s Face Customization

best kingdom come deliverance mods bow dot reticle henrys face customization

Unlike the dragonborn or a legendary witcher, Henry of Rattay is an anonymous everyman. Born as a mere wide-eyed swordsmith, Henry has adventure and heroism thrust upon him. As such, he is a pretty forgettable looking guy.

Henry’s Face Customization is the Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod you need if you want to spruce him up. With three head presets, ten face textures, five hairstyles, and nine eye textures, you can turn Henry into Spock, Ronald McDonald, and whomever else you think could possibly be more anachronistic in 15th century Bohemia. For our money the ‘charlatan’ head preset looks uncannily like Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud; we sincerely hope that is not a swipe at the footballer’s integrity.

Ultimate Realism Overhaul

best kingdom come deliverance mods ultimate realism overhaul

Who could possibly want Kingdom Come: Deliverance made even harder? For any masochists that want a tougher version of Warhorse Studios’ historical epic, Ultimate Realism Overhaul is for you.

This devilish Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod adjusts the ranges of your weapons and the durability of your armour. Progression is slowed and you will get hungrier faster, which could be easily manageable if you did not also receive less meat from animal carcasses and less money from merchants if you decide to sell them. On the plus side, alcohol also numbs pain. Who knew there were advantages to realism?

KCD Lightsaber Models

best kingdom come deliverance mods kcd lightsaber models

Realism is great and everything, but sometimes your standard rusty broadsword is not the most exciting weapon ever – that honour goes to the inimitable Star Wars lightsaber. That trademark whoosh as the neon blade cuts through the air with exceptional force makes any world better, whether it is realistic Rattay or a galaxy far, far away. Plus, you do not need to clean blood of a lightsaber, we assume.

KCD Lightsaber Models is a Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod that brings 14 unique weapons of the Sith and Jedi to the game in place of longswords, shortswords, and standard sabers. For the traditionalists, the hunting swords, maces, warhammers, and polearms remain, however. A nice extra touch is to the moon. Wait, that’s no moon.

Unlimited Saving

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance you cannot save your game whenever you want. At least, that was the case until the Unlimited Saving mod came along. There are other ways of solving this problem, but using this mod is the simplest.

Normally, there are only three ways to save: during mid-quest checkpoints, sleeping, and drinking a potion called Saviour Schnapps. The latter can be made through alchemy or bought with precious groschen, but you can only carry three at a time. If you find this system too restrictive you should give this mod a download.

Mod Merger

best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods mod merger

Conflicts between mods might not be the kind of sexy subject Henry might bring up in a Kingdom Come bathhouse, but it is still an important one if the game’s .pak files are kicking up a fuss. Thankfully, one of the game’s modders noticed that Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods work in a similar way to those in The Witcher 3. The conflict then was fixed through the Script Merger mod.

Using that as a model, Mod Merger is the result. It works by examining the game’s ‘Data’ folder and ignoring original game files. Then, it checks if previous mod merges have occurred and, at which point, the remaining .pak files are analysed. Finally, the merged files are archived a placed in the ‘Data’ directory. After this bit of arduous admin is complete, download mods as if they were sweet pancakes.

Sectorial Lockpicking

best kingdom come deliverance mods sectorial lockpicking

Lockpicking in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is nothing like it is in The Elder Scrolls or Fallout: it is much more intricate. Using a mouse and keyboard rather than a gamepad helps to make it easier, at least to an extent, but hovering over the sweet spot and holding it there as you turn the lock is still challenging.

Sectorial Lockpicking, as you would expect, is a hack that makes this process a little easier. Importantly, this mod improves the game’s lockpicking mechanic without ruining it. It divides the lockpicking wheel into sections, offering guidance on where you should focus your lock breaking efforts. If you need more assistance, another version of this Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod has red occultic letters in each section. Now all that is stopping you is your conscience.

Bow Dot Reticle

best kingdom come deliverance mods bow dot reticle

In this digital version of 1403 Bohemia, Henry and friends sadly do not have the benefit of crosshairs or ACOG sights to aid with firing at bandits from a distance. Since real people at the time did not have a floating reticle, neither do you.

Unless, that is, we turn to the range of Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods. With Bow Dot Reticle you will be sticking bandits with arrows like it is nobody’s business – if you can stomach the bitter pill of historical inaccuracy. If the idea of a reticle popping up all the time makes you sick, you might want to try Unintrusive Reticle or Very Unintrusive Reticle, instead.

Rattay Start Mod

best kingdom come deliverance mods rattay start

Whether it is the imperial prison dungeon in Oblivion or Fallout 3’s Vault 101, we typically find ourselves itching to be freed of the confines of game intros. Where you might spend around 30 minutes in most starting zones of this kind, in Kingdom Come: Deliverance it can take upwards of two hours before you are properly free to explore Bohemia.

Rattay Start – referring to the point at which you can freely roam, near the Rattay Mill – allows you to skip all that. This Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod is great for players who want to have multiple characters on the go. However, we strongly advise against using it if you are a new player: the first portion of the game might be restrictive, but it tells a vital part of Henry’s story.

Volumetric Fog Enabler

best kingdom come deliverance mods volumetric fog enabler

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is certainly a pretty game. That said, if your rig is up to task and you want to make it look even better, check out the Volumetric Fog Enabler mod. It is a graphics feature that Warhorse Studios created but left disabled by default -it only takes a simple .cfg file to change that. If it is not too taxing on your setup, it is able to increase the atmosphere among the game’s verdant, rolling hills.

Texture Streaming Improvements

best Kingdom Come: Deliverance mods texture streaming improvements

In our Kingdom Come: Deliverance performance review we found that, regardless of the graphics card we used, texture pop-in was prevalent. Given that immersion is an big part of the game’s appeal, it is good to see that there are mods that already exist to rectify the problem.

Texture Streaming Improvements is one of them and it works by forcing the game to preserve textures for longer. It also boosts your game’s LOD levels to give your PC enough time to load new textures before you reach them.

Faster Arrows

best kingdom come deliverance mods faster arrows

Look, we are actually pretty handy with a bow, it is just that Kingdom Come: Deliverance makes it tough. Sure, only a bad bowman blames their arrows, but this time it is justified, we swear. Whichever hare or Cuman soldier dares to get in our sights should be getting stuck with enough arrows to resemble a pincushion, but our arrows are too ruddy slow.

Faster Arrows is the Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod we need. With it, arrows are faster and do more damage. Combine it with Bow Dot Reticle and your targets will be down in no time.

Seven Kingdoms

best kingdom come deliverance mods seven kingdoms

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game drenched in the blood, sweat, and tears of gritty, realistic combat. Game of Thrones, despite featuring magic and dragons, shares this spirit with an epic power struggle all of its own.

Seven Kingdoms is a free, in-development total conversion mod that, interestingly, was originally intended for Total War: Attila. Now this Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod will allow you to experience the War of the Five Kings first-hand – a gripping and bloody period in George R. R. Martin’s fantasy epic that dominates the first few novels of A Song of Ice and Fire. Do not dream of placing yourself on the Iron Thrones just yet, though: ambitious projects like this will take time.