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Plate armour in Kingdom Come: Deliverance makes you a medieval tank

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - armour

Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn’t your usual RPG. Instead of mages and dragons in a mystical land, this tale takes us to the very real medieval Kingdom of Bohemia. Realism is the word of the day, basically, from the in-game interactions to the setting, even down to the period-perfect clothing. 

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The latest video from developers Warhorse Studios is focused on how the game deals with armour. If you’ve ever played any other RPG with swords in, you’ll know that cutting weapons pretend armour just isn’t there, just like in real life. Obviously I’m being sarcastic.

People back then didn’t wear armour for show – they wore it for protection, because a sword might dent armour, but it isn’t cutting through. If someone’s wearing full plate, you need to poke between the plates with a polearm, or ring their bell with a warhammer.

Using a pig and some real armour, swords and other melee weapons, Warhorse talk us through all that good stuff in the video below: