Kingdom Come: Deliverance has sold two million copies

February 13, 2019 On its first birthday, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has reached another sales milestone.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is now officially one year old, and despite its age, it seems as though the game’s sales are still doing relatively well. In a press release issued earlier today, developer Warhorse Studios announced that the game has now sold two million copies.

It’s an impressive effort, particularly for the first game in a new IP. Interestingly, however, a massive chunk of its sales have come from PC – more than 55% of all copies sold were for PC, with the Xbox One and PS4 combined were responsible for the remaining 45%.

That holds reasonably steady with figures from nearer the game’s release. Kingdom Come sold “around a million” copies in the fortnight after its original launch in February 2018. According to figures from SteamSpy at that time, just under half of the total sales came via Steam. There have been several seasonal sales since then, and I imagine that those have helped boost the PC’s share.

The new sales milestone also comes with the news that the game’s developer, Warhorse, has been purchased by THQ Nordic. According to the aforementioned press release, the acquisition “is a natural result of the previous successful cooperation between Warhorse Studios and Koch Media.”

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The game’s also been kept alive with a handful of DLC releases. Three additions have come out so far, with the most recent being the mean spirited Band of Bastards DLC. The fourth and final instalment, A Woman’s Lot, is due out later this year.

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