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Kingdom Come Deliverance is at its lowest price ever on Steam

Kingdom Come Deliverance is one of the most realistic RPGs ever made, and it's currently 80% off on Steam. Get it now for just $5.99.

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One of the biggest complaints I have about RPGs is that combat is usually deeply unrealistic. Take Skyrim, where you can shoot a bandit in the head with an unarmored arrow and have them remain completely unfazed. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is on the opposite end of the scale with some of the most immersive systems in any game –  and it’s 80% off on Steam right now, at its lowest price ever.

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you play as Henry, the son of a blacksmith. After your village gets destroyed and your friends and family are slaughtered, you’re thrust into a civil war raging in the European kingdom of Bohemia. From humble beginnings, Henry joins up with the resistance to an invading force trying to seize the throne for itself. How he does this is up to you, meaning even though this RPG has a predetermined start, Henry’s fate is in your hands.

The game lets you complete quests in a non-linear order. This works brilliantly in Kingdom Come because it has a huge open world for you to explore. It’s inhabited by loads of characters who react to your actions, and you can seduce, threaten, bribe them, whatever you want.

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Just like in Skyrim, your skills in Kingdom Come level up as you use them. If you want to sneak around, doing so will make you more proficient at it. Likewise for engaging in melee or ranged combat. You yourself will have to practise the combat to get used to it. There are five slashes and two stabs you can do initially, as well as blocking. Your attacks have momentum, so timing is crucial.

If you like the sound of that but haven’t bought the game yet, you can buy Kingdom Come: Deliverance for its lowest ever price, down 80%, just $5.99 / £5.29 down from $29.99 / £26.49, on offer until Thursday June 27, 2024. You can get it on Steam, right here.

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