Kingdom Hearts 3 could come to PC

Kingdom Hearts 3

That Square Enix series that’s essentially the maddest Final Fantasy and Disney mashup fanfiction you’ve ever read could be coming to PC. Square Enix have been making a big effort on our platform over the past few years, and action-RPG Kingdom Hearts 3 could well be on that PC port wishlist. 

Our upcoming PC games list will see you right. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura expressed interest at coming to other platforms in an interview with Famitsu, via DSoG. The game is currently being developed for PS4 and Xbox One, using the Unreal engine.

Once these versions are done, they’ll be considering other platforms. An interview with IGN had previously hinted at a Switch version, but Nomura told Famitsu they had got things mixed up.

“[IGN] misinterpreted the word ‘considering’ as to ‘it is possible to release’ and it spread out. ‘Other hardware’ is not limited to the Nintendo switch, and we will consider all of them after the release of the PS4 and Xbox One versions.”

Even if we do get a PC version, expect it to be a long wait. Mind you, the people waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 on console could tell you what waiting is like.