Kingdom horror game turns Netflix show into Back 4 Blood nightmare

Netflix's Korean zombie thriller, Kingdom, is getting a spinoff horror game that challenges players to slay the undead in Left 4 Dead-style battle for survival

Lee Chang from Netflix horror show Kingdom with blood on his face back to camera

Set amid the rolling, emerald hills of 16th Century Korea, K-drama and zombie thriller Kingdom made waves in both the East and West alike – and now the Netflix hit is getting its own Back 4 Blood-style horror game called Kingdom: The Blood.

In Netflix K-drama turned zombie horror series, Kingdom, danger lurks around every corner for Crown Prince Lee Chang. Fighting through not just hordes of vicious undead but also his own people as feudal Korea plunges into political turmoil, the Netflix show took both East and West by storm, inspiring countless spinoffs and accruing a somewhat cult following that echoes that of the now-iconic Train to Busan.

It turns out that the terrifying thriller hasn’t just inspired other K-dramas, though. On July 11 ACTION SQUARE premiered the first trailer for Kingdom: The Blood, an RPG set at the height of the chaos that challenges players with reliving Lee Chang’s journey to save his country.

While there’s no release date in sight and simply a one and a half minute-long trailer to satisfy our zombie slaying needs, they hype is very, very real.

Providing a window into what gameplay will look like, the trailer opens with the player taking on one of the imperial guard who are sent to kill Lee Chang during the early stages of the tragic tale. Showing off melee-focused combat that sees you duck, dive, and roll while simultaneously tearing into your opponents using a particularly nasty looking Do (or katana), you’ll get up close and personal with foes.

From here, we move on to see the real stars of the show: the zombies. Twisting and contorting into a particularly gruesome mound of angry flesh, we see some more swordplay and some much needed blood, guts, and gore.

The comments are filled with excited fans, one of whom writes “okay I’m lowkey ready for this game because the show was impeccable.”

As more information slithers out from the shadows to prey on the living, we can’t wait to see how the game evolves. One thing’s for certain, though, if we need to face off against Queen Consort Cho there’ll be a lot of screaming involved.