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Kingdoms Age: even strategy games are dabbling in VR

Kingdoms Age

What if Civilization had a baby with Total War, the PR from MMORTS Kingdoms Age asked me. What if, indeed. Agincourt Gaming reckons that Kingdoms Age would be the result of this unholy union. 

I’m not at all sure where Civilization is in this union, though. It’s got the real-time battles of Total War, and the management stuff of Total War. The implication is, I suppose, that it will be deeper than the campaign map found in the likes of Rome 2. Since it’s not very deep at all. None of that’s what’s notable, though. It also offers a persistent, online world and incorporates VR… which is unexpected.

The trailer is pre-alpha footage, so probably not representative of the developer’s vision. There’s clearly a lot of work to do on performance and animation.

I’m surprised Agincourt isn’t pushing the MMO angle more, instead tantalising with promises of Civilization merging with Total War. Persistent worlds with players banding together to forge kingdoms – it sounds lovely. One hopes the kingdoms are actual kingdoms and not just a funny word for guilds.

Unusually, Kingdoms Age is also going to support the Oculus Rift. It sounds like a novelty, allowing you to get into the heart of the battle, viewing it like a soldier rather than some omniscient god-like general. I am the sort who often zooms right in while playing these games, despite the loss of awareness. Gotta show my troops some solidarity.