Activision have resurrected the Sierra name. But what for?

Sierra On-Line, in its 80s heyday.

There is a website. It says Sierra in the url, plays a short Sierra splash video when you visit, and defaults thereafter to a version of the mountainous Sierra On-Line logo of old.

The thing is, Sierra Entertainment was subsumed by parent company Activion six years ago – and hadn’t really done anything of note for at least 10. So who’s this?

One thing’s clear: nobody new has bought the venerable name. As the site makes very clear, Sierra is a trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc.

There’s a suggestion the propped-up publisher will make an appearance at some form at Gamescom. The Cologne tradeshow begins on Wednesday next week, so we’ll ask our Jules to keep an eye out for mountains, mountaineers or anything else symbolically pertinent while he’s there.

Latter-day Sierra wasn’t entirely a disaster of Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude proportions – we have them to thank for Homeworld 2. But surely the only reason somebody would ressurect Sierra On-Line would be to make adventure games with the suffix Quest.

A year ago, Telltale dropped plans to make episodic games based on Sierra’s beloved King’s Quest series – and at one point Larry revivalists Replay Games claimed that Activision had their own plans for the license. Maybe this is that?