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Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker’s trailer is love at first sight

kitty powers matchmaker trailer steam magic notion

You may not have thought you were crying out for a dating service simulator but have a look at the trailer for Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker and see if it doesn’t turn your head. You’ll be pairing up your client with potential partners, giving them a makeover to look dazzling on their first date, and walking them through their awkward first steps as a couple in no time.

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker puts you in charge of your own dating agency, under the watchful eye of Kitty Powers herself. Once you open your doors you’ll be indundated with randomly generated clients who you’ll have to pair up with the prospective lovers stored in your business’ database.

Not every client will be a perfect match: one might be a Chris Pine Nut, the other might be a Benedict Cumberbitch; one might be a Greenpeace activist, the other a south sea whaler; or one of them might like green tea and the other person has a soul. In those instances you’ll have to spruce up your client and coach them to get through the date successfully.

Success brings you more demanding clients and agency upgrades. You’ll also gain access to fine establishments like a German bratwurst restaurant called The Sausage fest. Some clients will love getting themselves around that thick German meat, others not so much.

While Kitty Powers looks to be on the light side of management sims, its theme and style have certainly caught my eye.

How about you, will you be looking forward to its release in April?