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Knights and Bikes passes Kickstarter goal with three days to go

Knights and Bikes

Knights and Bikes, a co-op adventure about childhood from the creators of Tearaway, Earthbound, LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet and Clank, has just passed its £100,000 Kickstarter goal with three days of funding still to go.

It’ll be nice to see the console games designers release something new for PC. Maybe it will even make its way onto our prestigious list of the best indie PC games.

Knights and Bikes looks well on its way to hitting its first stretch goal, which will see online co-op making its way to Steam at the £120,000 mark. If it goes beyond that and hits £150,000, it will get English voice acting for the major characters. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Stephen Fry or Peppa Pig’s dad, Richard Ridings.

Its art style is very Media Molecule, so expect other influences to creep in from that shared background of both of the game’s lead developers. We already know Tearaway’s composer Kenny Young will be helping out on the project, and the sound design in that game was some of the best in recent years.

The game definitely has the talent behind it to end up being something special, and we’ll find out, if development goes to plan, in April 2017. Pledge to the Kickstarter for Knights and Bikes if you want to see those stretch goals hit.