Knights of Pen & Paper 2 expansion Here Be Dragons announced, adds lots of everything


Paradox’s low-fi turn-based RPG Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is to be getting an expansion, titled Here Be Dragons, introducing, among other things, dragons. Try not to be too shocked. They’ll appear as part of a high-level quest designed to challenge experienced players, but they’re not the only thing available in the expansion.

Want an RPG that’s not so much about RPGs as is an RPG? Wait. Nevermind. The best RPGs.

Here’s everything that’s coming in the expansion, which should launch some time next month:

  • New Locations and Quests: Guide a high-level party on an epic quest to return to their roots and undertake the ultimate in classic RPG objectives: Dragon-slaying.
  • New Class: The Knight – Now more than just a word in the game title.
  • New Player Type: Let the fastidious Bookworm join your game table and make use of her obsessive in-game research.
  • The Bestiary: Discover details about the assorted baffling creatures of Paperos.

Plenty of content for new and veteran players alike then. No pricing details were released, though the game is only £8/$10/€10 on Steamso chances are it won’t be more than the cost of the sausage supper I just devoured.

Despite being The Sort Of Thing I’m Well Into, as the genre is officially know, I’ve never managed to pick up either version of Knight of Pen & Paper. Steam reviews seem generally very happy, but there aren’t a lot of them so it’s hard to judge. Any of you fine reading folk had hands-on time with it?