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Kyn, a Viking indie action-RPG, is out now on Steam


Tangrin are a tiny indie studio made of just two people, and they’ve finished work on Kyn: an ARPG that harks back to the days when role playing games was about leading a team of people into battle rather than smashing things as a single destroyer of worlds. It looks lovely, and it’s available on Steam right this instant. 

“Kyn has been a long time coming. We thought we’d be able to complete it in a year – it has taken four and half!” said Victor Legerstee of Tangrin Entertainment. “It was a labor of love spent painstakingly crafting a grand tactical RPG. And it was well worth it. Kyn has turned into a rich RPG we are truly proud of and it will be a great escape for gamers who love to tinker with their heroes, fight tactical battles and solve the occasional brainteasing puzzles.”

Kyn puts you in command of a six-man party, and sees Viking lore sprinkled with fantasy magic. With a fast paced, tactical combat system, players will explore it’s world in a 20-hour campaign.

Kyn is available on Steam for £14.99, as well as on GoG.com and GreenMan Gaming.