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Landmark’s Landmarks of Landmark contest goes live with Landmark video depicting landmark landmarks made in Landmark

EverQuest Next Landmark SOE

SOE’s EverQuest Next tie-in game, Landmark, allows players to construct buildings out of voxel parts. It’s something the game’s community have latched onto with a passion and used to make incredible architecture.

On top of a video showing off the creative work of players, SOE have announced a contest. The winners of the Landmarks of Landmark competition will see their work permanently added to the game’s world.

“Since Landmark is a game, and a world, we’re building together, here is your first chance to make a permanent mark on the world of Landmark by helping us create landmarks for Landmark,” wrote SOE. “Ultimately, the hub area in each island will be more than just a portal spire and a forge. We’ll be adding more amenities to make these areas useful, and we’d also like to add a wide variety of distinct landmarks.”

It’s for the players to design those landmarks.

“Winning landmarks will be used in Landmark hubs during Beta and in our live game!”

Go through to the contest page to read the specifications for landmark submission. Essentially, though, any style goes. You could create something medieval or futuristic. A giant crystal heart covered in wasps or a pub called the Horny Unicorn. It all goes.

Landmark is continuously impressive but it’s EverQuest Next I really want to get a look at.