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Last chance to sea: Sony Pictures register BioShock movie domains

Which Little Sister will appear on the BioShock OST? Elvis Presley or Queens of the Stone Age?

The BioShock movie adaptation previously thought buried at sea has bobbed to the surface – spliced to pieces but probably wearing a gorgeous frock. Sony Pictures have registered the rights to a trio of BioShock-Movie domain names.

BioShock-Movie.com, BioShock-Movie.net, and Bio-Shock.net are all now off the market. Sony registered the domains last month, report Kotaku.

It’s the first positive, distant whale noise we’ve heard from silver-screen BioShock in a long while. Ken Levine said last year that he’d personally cancelled the project, as it was under 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

Pirates of the Caribbean enabler Gore Verbinski had previously got as far as building sets for a BioShock film – before the studio “got cold feet” about the production’s $200m budget.

“Watchmen came out, and it didn’t do well for whatever reason,” explained Levine. “The studio said what if it was a $80 million film – and Gore didn’t want to make a $80 million film.”

Fresnadillo was brought in as replacement – but Levine “didn’t really see the match”. And when the film was halted again over budgetary and rating worries, the Irrational founder “killed it”.

“2K’s one of these companies that puts a lot of creative trust in people. So they said if you want to kill it, kill it,” he said.

“It was saying I don’t need to compromise – how many times in life do you not need to compromise? It comes along so rarely, but I had the world, the world existed and I didn’t want to see it done in a way that I didn’t think was right.

“It may happen one day, who knows, but it’d have to be the right combination of people.”

It’s probably worth noting that Levine is no longer responsible for the welfare of over 100 staff, and recently tackled the script for a Logan’s Run remake.

Rapture remains the iconic series setting – but Columbia boasts a talking, balking protagonist in Booker DeWitt, rather than a silent cipher. Where would you like to see a BioShock film be?

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