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Last Days of Old Earth receives its first major update, adding deck building, new cards and more

Last Days of Old Earth

 Last Days of Old Earth receives its first major update, adding the deck building feature, a new game mode, new cards, and more.

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This update comes fresh off the back of Last Days of Old Earth entering Steam Early Access. The main new addition is deck building, which will let you… well, build decks, and customise your armies around your favourite heroes and units. It’s promised to be a flexible system that will allow you to store your favourite decks and even import them from the Last Days of Old Earth website. Decks will be deployable in single-player and multiplayer.

There are a bunch of other tweaks and changes, too. Highlights among them are a new Sudden Death game mode, two new cards and the option to tab through units that haven’t exhausted their movement.

The full patch notes are below:

• Deckbuilder added

• Custom deck selection for Skirmish & Multiplayer game modes

• New ‘Sudden Death’ game mode, triggering a new Victory Condition based on territory under Supply

• Two new cards! Clanship for Skywatchers and VN Walker for Automata!

• Option to Tab through units that have not exhausted their movement

• Fixes for various Card UI issues

• Sprite changes for abilities

• Fixes for issues around hero-only army engagement

• Hang on engage overlay after engaging AI owned hero-only army (single player)

• Various changes for Multiplayer Lobby UI

• Movement AP cost display on tile displayed now removed after paying cost

• No longer possible to start an empty skirmish by cancelling custom deck select for the first opponent

The Deck Building update is just the first of four major updates following the Early Access Steam launch. Last Days of Old Earth is available on Steam now, in Early Access, for £18.99.