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Lauda fun: F1 2013 to feature the 1976 Ferrari 312 T2


F1 2013 is out now; here’s our F1 2013 review.

Our Rob entered his F1 2013 preview mindful of the horrible deaths that befell some of Planet Earth’s greatest ever drivers, yet nostalgic for a volatile spirit that left Formula 1 in the ‘90s. Ron Howard’s Rush, in cinemas at the end of this month, seems to tackle the ‘70s rivalry of James Hunt and Niki Lauda in much the same fashion. Fitting, then, that Codemasters have faithfully recreated the film’s star for inclusion in their game: not Chris Hemsworth, but the 1976 Ferrari 312 T2.

The Ferrari comes free to all those who sign up to RaceNet, Codies’ general hub of brum brum hubbub. There you’ll be able to set Time Trial Challenges for chums and compare stats.

The back end of the trailer, you’ll have noticed, is devoted to F1 2013’s Classic Edition – a “bespoke” boxed version that will colour in the some of the gaps between the ‘80s and ‘00s seasons covered in the game’s standard edition. Of chief interest are now-retired tracks Imola and Estoril, where Lauda won his third and last championship in 1984.

The Classic Edition is limited to a run of 10,000 units in the UK – but all of its unique innards will be sold separately as DLC after F1 2013’s release. Even without resourse to that, however, the game proper includes a Classics mode introduced by mostly-retired broadcaster Murray Walker.

F1 2013 is on its third or fourth to last developmental lap, and is due out on October 4. Now watch again, and make sure you’ve spotted Mansell, Prost and Schumacher.