Cliffy B’s new FPS game, Lawbreakers, gets a gameplay reveal trailer


After teasing us forever with their The Shattering campaign, Cliff Bleszinski’s outfit Boss Key Productions have revealed their first gameplay trailer for first-person arena shooter Lawbreakers. In Lawbreakers, instead of shooting arenas, you shoot people, which is something I have never seen in a game before. 

Joking aside, Lawbreakers does look like it could be fun, with its fast, class-based, bullet-faced gameplay. The trailer shows us some of the Grand Canyon map, and reveals a few characters.

The first character revealed is Kitsune, the Assassin. She looks light on her feet, has dual blades and what looks like a grappling hook made of plasma which she can use to swing around the environment and get the drop on other players.

Next up is Breacher, the Gunner – he guns things with guns and can gun behind his head when he’s not gunning what’s in front of him.

Then there’s Maverick, the Skirmisher. Maverick is equipped with a jetpack, some thermal goggles and what looks like a bit of telekinetic power. Maverick is for cowards.

Lastly there’s Cronos, the Titan. Because every game has to have a really big character. It’s the law, and this game isn’t going to break any… Oh. (He also looks a bit like an overweight Predator with a bondage fetish and can smash things and fire big guns.)

Here is the trailer:

Lawbreakers is due for release in 2016.