LawBreakers’ ‘Promenade’ trailer shows off low-G shooty-bangs


LawBreakers got a new trailer at E3’s PC Gaming Show and it’s seemingly backed by the “can you dig it?” guy from 1979 gang violence film The Warriors.

It’s all very stupid, but it doesn’t seem to realise it’s stupid. Like a lot of videogames, then. 

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The action itself looks good fun, at least.

Rather than military dudes all running around and swiping knives at each other, LawBreakers is focused on floating through the air and gracefully blowing your enemies into chunks as they try do the same.

It looks very stylish, with some characters grappling around the sides of the arena, and everyone else fighting for height in the middle of the arena.

There’s backwards shooting, laser-targeted rockets, electric knives, and other family-friendly violence.

Here’s the trailer for you to watch with your eyeballs: