LawBreakers is getting a physical collector’s edition, but you’ve only got a few days to get it

LawBreakers Collector's Edition Revealed

Turns out, LawBreakers is going to have a physical release – a release that will set you back $69.99 in return for a lot of extra goodies. Manufacturers Limited Run Games are going to be running three different kinds of physical copies with one of those for PC players.

What are the best FPS games on PC, we hear you cry. Fear not, we have the answers. 

The other two are for PS4, so we’ll just brush over those in favour of the PC Collector’s Edition. It includes the Deadzo Deluxe edition of the game (which add a few weapon and character skins), Abaddon’s Journal, two LawBreakers “premium character card packs,” a sticker set, and a special box.

Abaddon’s Journal is part art book, part fiction, part general purpose journal – how much of each, we don’t know. The character card packs feature art of the two factions (I honestly had no idea that the two factions were LAW and BREAKERS, now I’m annoyed at the game’s title), while the stickers feature Deadzo and faction logos.

Orders are open until July 7th so you’ve not got a whole lot of time to decide if you want it, but there’s no guarantee it will arrive before the game’s release on August 8. Instead, they’ll be emailing you your Steam key. How kind.

You can check it out, plus see some mockups of what it’s all going to look like, on the Limited Run Games website.