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League of Legends exploit removes control and renders champions helpless, report players

Usually Riot have to worry about League of Legends account hacks, not in-game exploits.

A newly discovered hack in League of Legends has seen players lose control. Not in a red mist sense, but a “these keys aren’t doing the thing they’re supposed to” sense. Take a look.

When activated, the hack appears to lock the victim player’s camera, and remove their ability to move or cast spells of any kind.

Once the hackers are done carving bits off the champions standing dumbly before them, players report they’re able to restore control to their victims at will.

The exploit was encountered by Redditor DDLSavior last night, after joining a match to discover that “something [was] not right”.

The team first thought that EU server connection troubles were to blame, but eventually came to believe that the opposing team “somehow [had] the ability to switch our controls on and off”.

If the exploit does as they say, you can bet Riot will have launched a public investigation by nightfall. They won’t want hackers interfering with the balance changes in League of Legends patch 4.7, will they?