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League of Legends pro suffers collapsed lung, resumes streaming from hospital

League of Legends

Cloud 9 mid laner Hai suffered a collapsed lung this weekend. He’s expected to make a full recovery – but the injury has put him out of action for next week’s League of Legends All-Star event at Le Zenith in Paris. 

It’s also left him exceedingly bored. Hence the first pro-level LoL match to be streamed from a hospital bed.

Hai’s latest League of Legends stream began as so many do – with a rearrangement of Twitch’s various UI elements. The monitor’s eye view of the Cloud 9er didn’t back onto a study or internet cafe, however, but a couple of pillows and a ventilator.

The 22-year-old Michigan LoL pro struggled for the first 15 minutes of the stream to find a control configuration to fit his bed-limited mobility – but was welcomed by teammates and stream subscribers astonished at his “dedication”.

“Cannot go to Allstars anymore, sorry everyone,” tweeted Hai yesterday. “I’m not dying I’m just not allowed to fly.”

“I appreciate all the support guys, I’ll be good but just super bummed I can’t go to Allstars after working so hard :(. Hope team does well.”

Later, Hai said he was “feeling better”, and “excited to announce my sub for Allstars”. Who would you like to see temporarily join the Cloud 9 roster?

Thanks, LoL Redditors.