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Behave: Riot is instantly banning toxic players in League of Legends today

Riot banning toxic players

Riot’s running an experiment today in League of Legends. Any player in the MOBA who shows “toxicity” such as racism will instantly be banned for two weeks or permabanned. 

Social system lead designer, Jeffrey Lin, dropped the news on Twitter today, prompting a slew of questions due to its somewhat vague nature. Lin took to Reddit to clarify how this works and that it’s just a one-day experiment. 

The experiment will just last the day, though if it’s successful - in that it doesn’t throw up a lot of false positives - it may be implemented on a more permanent basis. 

Lin also clarified why Riot was taking this approach when it’s been trying to reform rather than punish players. “Well, the key here is that for most players, reform approaches are quite effective. But, for a number of players, reform attempts have been very unsuccessful which forces us to remove some of these players from League entirely.”

While the developer has, in the past, avoided naming and shaming players, it has decided to change its stance on this, but only in very specific cases. 

“In the past, we've avoided publicly naming and shaming players; however, we've learned in recent months that being transparent is extremely critical to the playerbase's trust in our systems, so we've decided to do a compromise,” Lin explained on Reddit. “If players complain about unfair bans for this particular system (so, have a ban year code of 2500), we're going to be fully transparent and posting the chat logs that resulted in the ban.”

Do you think this will have a positive impact on the game, reducing the number of bad eggs?

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Incinerate | Rather Ripped avatarBraveToaster avatarunwanted avatar[PWNY] Fluttersnipe avatarQDP2 avatarlesliesmithers36 avatar
unwanted Avatar
3 Years ago

We used to do something similar on the Black Ops forums. People would come protest their bans, and we would dig up conversations that had on various mod sites. It was fun.

Incinerate | Rather Ripped Avatar

It is literally impossible to catch every toxic player, so, overall it might lower the number of toxic people, but you shouldn't see a change of the usual name-spouting individuals if you queue'd up right now.

BraveToaster Avatar
3 Years ago

The internet is here to show how people really are at heart

[PWNY] Fluttersnipe Avatar
3 Years ago

Never played the game, but I'm all for devs quickly removing/punishing poisonous jerks. No place for then in society, no place for them in a game.

QDP2 Avatar
3 Years ago

I think it makes clear sense to introduce 14-day bans and perma-bans for racism (actually I thought something like this was already in action), but intentional feeding? That can easily be misinterpreted, a newbie is incredibly likely to feed if they join a lobby with a friend, and end up facing much more skilled players. Throughout these players I have met multiple people who simply lack the kindness or patience over other newbies, and have reported for intentional feeding. I reckon that over the course of the day, some people may get banned for 2 whole weeks (ouch) without good reason. Riot are going to have to keep a tight eye on who is getting banned, be kind and make sure you chose right. Introduce a ban for the people who abuse the report system.

lesliesmithers36 Avatar
3 Years ago

yes if the system doesn't have flaws in it it will cut down on the toxicity but hopefully don't ban the players that have no toxicity