Enter sandman: Riot talk new League of Legends champion Azir, Emperor of the Sands

League of Legends: generally leafier than this.

Here, there’s somebody Riot want you to meet: new League of Legends champion Azir. A nuisance at the beach but an asset in the lanes, the Emperor of the Sands can summon dusty soldiers to do his bidding. And when he’s not reclaiming his rightful place as ruler of the Shuriman desert, Azir can channel the sand to throw his enemies high in the air. As you’re about to see.

Riot suggest players use Azir’s soldiers to create and shift zones of power and exact some measure of control over the battlefield.

The enemy-lobbing Shifting Sands ability, meanwhile, doubles as a means of quickly getting behind an enemy. From there, Azir can trigger his ultimate, Emperor’s Divide.

The Divide sees enemies pulled deep into Azir’s side of the map where, as I’m sure you can imagine, their chances of survival are slim. The ultimate is best used to create a defensive wall to protect against pursuers.

I notice Riot have plumped for an Egyptian mythology-inspired primary weapon; I would’ve gone for a spade. How about you?