League of Legends’ Gnar is always angry in its Champion Spotlight

League of Legends' Gnar

League of Legends’ Gnar may be a smaller little critter, but don’t let appearances fool you. Once he’s angry enough he’ll hulk up into a monstrous creature, with hobbies that include smashing his opponents with his mega-sized fists and throwing boulders (sometimes houses) into his enemies face.

Riot’s champion spotlight have given us the scoop on what Gnar exactly does and how best to play him. If you’re at all curious how this deceivingly cute champion can cause death and destruction to your foes, it’s worth a watch.

One thing is clear: Gnar players will have to master both patience and discipline if they want to get the most out of him. Walking a fine line between Gnar’s adorable and berserking forms will be crucial in maximising his effectiveness in fights.

Will you be picking up Gnarr?