League of Legends tribunal study reveals 92.7% of summoners are punished

League of Legends Tribunal Study

Riot don’t like mean League of Legend players; only just this week they’ve threatened to permaban those who show “extreme toxicity”. A redditor has compiled the last 100,000 tribunals to see how reported players were being dealt with.

Over 90% of the most recent 100,000 tribunals result in a punishment.

Redditor PersianMG took the liberty of creating a Perl script to gather the data. “I thought it would be interesting to analyse the most recent Tribunal cases (before it closed) to get some idea of how many summoners are punished.” said Persian. “So I wrote a perl script to gather some information from the online Tribunal pages.”

Roughly 92.7% were punished, with the most common punishment being that of a first time warning. A small but notable 1.11% were permabanned, while 7.3% were pardoned. The most common complaint was that of either racist comments in chat, or extreme feeding.

The results were exclusively from the North American region; I think It would be interesting to see how the EU fared in comparison.