Yordle-ay-ee-oooo: meet League of Legends’ pointy-eared new arrival, Gnar

Gnar, looking less like a family man.

The sheer size of League of Legends’ roster means Riot Games can make champions for all types. Gnar is a player character for fans of the noise you make when liquid inexplicably travels the ‘wrong way’ down your throat, despite a lifetime of practice.

From what we can tell, he sports big claws, tusks, red eyes, and a vague resemblance to Hollywood’s Gremlins.

The new champion is the subject of a complicated promo site that takes an age to load and reveals little. Navigate up and down the sidebar, though, and you’ll find cave painting alluding to Gnar’s lore.

There are two possible interpretations. In the first, like many a MOBA champion, Gnar’s appears to be a revenge tale. His backstory begins in a wooded valley, alongside a pointy-eared yordle wife and three pointy-eared yordle children. But naturally, the peace is broken by a ginormous creature with spiky teeth and a thirst for wanton destruction.

The second interpretation? Gnar is the ginormous creature with spiky teeth and the thing for destruction. That telling’s lent credence by the last image – a short clip in which Gnar breaks free from an eternity on ice and roars a bit:

What will his abilities be? Will an alternate skin turn him into Gizmo? These are questions we’re not yet qualified to answer. In the meantime, maybe try one of the best League of Legends champions for beginners.

Thanks, LoL Reddit.