League of Legends Akshan bug is turning minions against their team

A League of Legends Akshan bug is messed with the MOBA's minions, as instead of grouping up and attacking enemy turrets, they're shooting at their own instead

League of Legends Akshan bug is turning minions against their team: A tanned man with black hair tied back in a ponytail clenches his fist with a smile wearing white armour that shows his muscled chest

It wouldn’t be the end of the year without a good ol’ League of Legends Akshan bug, but this one certainly raises an eyebrow. An issue with Heroic Swing is pulling the MOBA‘s NPC helpers, the minions, back to the team’s own tower, where they’re laying siege to that instead of the enemy one.

So, allow me to try and break this down. Basically, when Akshan connects his hook to a wall but dies trying, he spawns an unkillable, omnipresent minion. Said mischievous helper lurks around for the rest of the game, confusing other creeps which, in the situation show below, has led to a huge allied minion wave attacking a friendly tower.

While this happened in a ranked game, others have noticed it in ARAM as well, meaning it no doubt appears in solo queue too. While vaguely hilarious, I would not be pleased if this bug appeared in my ranked adventures.

So this happened during ranked, anyone else had this before? The minions saw something no one else could see! from leagueoflegends

Thankfully, this is still in beta testing, and will likely be removed next patch. Although, if it’s anything like the Neeko turret bug, we may see Akshan benched until Riot works out exactly what is throwing a spanner in the works. Either way, the glitch absolutely merits some emergency maintenance.

Askhan’s heroic swing got a buff in League of Legends patch 12.20, meaning that he can now infinitely swing around circular structures like turrets, inhibitors, and the Nexus itself. While this may be rogue bit of code, it seems more likely the champion is being changed ahead of Season 13 – so who knows, maybe he’ll be getting nerfed this time around.

As we wait with bated breath, we have a rundown of the current League of Legends patch notes for you to peruse so that you know where your favourite champions sit on the League of Legends tier list. We’ve also got a list of all of the League of Legends Prime gaming rewards and how to claim them if you fancy levelling up your arsenal.