At its peak, over 11 million people were watching the League of Legends World Championship final together

League of Legends World Championship 2014 figures

Riot’s tallied up its viewership figures for the League of Legends World Championship 2014, across the whole 15 day tournament and 100 hours of live broadcasts. Over the entire competition, over a 179 million hours of League of Legends was watched, compared to the 70 million hours in the Season 3 World Championship.

The final, which saw Samsung White defeat Starhorn Royal club in front of 40,000 spectators in Seoul was watched online, at its peak, by 11.2 million concurrent viewers. That’s more than double the population of my dear old Scotland. By the end, 27 million people had tuned in. 

In 2013, 32 million viewers tuned in online, so you’d think that – with less people watching – Riot wouldn’t be as pleased as it is. But the peak concurrent viewers, the aforementioned 11.2 million, is up from the 8.7 million last year. People also watched for a greater length of time: 67 minutes compared to last year’s 42.

The number of people who watched the last clash in person was also pretty huge. 40,000 fans were packed into the sold-out Sangam Stadium in Seoul. Last year, the final at the Staples Center in Los Angeles had an audience of around 13,000.

“It’s awesome to see fans enjoying Worlds as a community,” says Riot. “Whether it’s with 40,000 friends cheering together in Sangam Stadium, or as a group staying up late at a local viewing party halfway across the world. We’re honored by your passion and participation. Thank you for tuning in.”

Cheers, PCGamer.