Braum players are the most likely to go AFK in League of Legends

The mustachioed support beats out Yasuo, Master Yi, Nasus, and Kayn according to recently-published data

Like any MOBA, League of Legends relies on teamwork between a group of players, and when someone decides to leave their seat during a game, it’s maddening for the rest of their teammates. Recent data suggests that the champion with the highest AFK rate is a bit of a surprise: It’s Braum, the tanky support character with the big shield and mustache to match.

As our sister site The Loadout reports, Braum players have a 2.29% AFK rate, making Braum mains the most likely people in the game to go AFK. That’s according to data published by League of Graphs that was highlighted by Redditor ADamnTroll2, which has a complete breakdown of AFK rate by mained champs.

Braum is followed by Yasuo mains, who have a 1.79% AFK rate, then by Master Yi and Kayn with 1.72% each, and Nasus at 1.71%.

To be clear, what these numbers are describing is how often players who main these champions go AFK – so they may be dropping out of games while playing other characters, too.

Part of the story may be explained by Braum’s current low popularity. He’s barely chosen at all in upper tier matchups, and his winrate has been below 50% for more than two years. Since he’s currently so unpopular, the relatively small number of players still choosing him as a main will see a higher percentage impact from players abandoning games.

As The Loadout notes, says Braum is only picked in 1.5% of matches, and with the current patch, he’s only got a 46.75% winrate. Let’s hope he’s faring better over in Teamfight Tactics.