League of Legends bug leaves “broken” jungler in the dust

A League of Legends bug has broken Lee Sin’s ward hop in patch 13.9, one of the most popular movement techniques used by the jungler in Riot’s MOBA game.

League of Legends bug - Lee Sin, a bald monk with a red cloth strap over his eyes

A League of Legends bug in patch 13.9 has broken one of the key tricks used by Lee Sin players, leaving the jungler stuck behind the curve in Riot’s MOBA as his favoured movement technique stops working correctly. The change has wrecked Lee Sin’s viability in early League of Legends skirmishes and left players who main the champ scrambling as he tumbles down the League of Legends tier list.

A couple of small bug fixes have recently been sent Lee Sin’s way, preventing an issue where he couldn’t cast his W ability, Safeguard, on himself and also resolving a bug where attempting to use the W to dash to and shield something that died as it was being cast left the ability on full cooldown with no dash or shield coming out.

Unfortunately, this seems to have had a knock-on effect that prevents Lee Sin from ward hopping as normal. If you’re a Lee Sin player yourself, you’ll probably already know how ward hopping works – the much-used trick allows him to quickly place and jump to a ward, giving him a ton of mobility especially when used immediately after landing his Q dash, Resonating Strike.

“Riot broke Lee Sin and no-one is talking about it,” a thread on the LoL Reddit remarks (via Dot Esports). “Now you can’t do a quick ward hop AT ALL.” While Lee Sin will still dash, it takes almost a full second after the ward being placed, rather than the near-instant movement he’s had for his entire League of Legends career.

Not only does that delay give enemies a chance to intercept and interrupt or kill Lee Sin before he dashes away, it also means you can no longer use the “InSec” technique popularised by pro player Choi ‘InSec’ In-Seok where you ward hop behind an enemy player and kick them back into your waiting team using his ultimate, Dragon’s Rage.

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The change has seen Lee Sin’s win rate plummet to 45.89% at Master+ rank, according to U.GG, with a comparably troublesome 46.87% win rate recorded across all ranks. Even beyond that, it just doesn’t feel good to do any more, and that’s perhaps what hurts most.

“Riot either needs to revert the bugfix or bugfix the bugfix,” the thread’s creator says, “I don’t even know how this made it out of playtesting.” Some responders express relief that they weren’t suddenly messing up their inputs, while another jokes, “Ah, so now everyone’s Lee Sin will be like my Lee Sin, though maybe half a second faster.”

Check out the full League of Legends 13.9 patch notes for the rest of the changes, and perhaps take a moment to check in on how much you’ve spent on League of Legends before you go overboard on the new skins.