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League of Legends champion prices finally get the overhaul we needed

League of Legends champion prices have remained a contentious issue with the MOBA's fanbase, but coming into Season 13 Riot has decided to change it up.

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The League of Legends champion prices have remained a divisive for some time, with some beginner-friendly champions priced far beyond new players’ reach. Thankfully, coming into 2023 Riot has adjusted the price of the MOBA‘s characters to better fit the player ecosystem.

It’s safe to say that League of Legends can be a very, very expensive game. From dazzling skins to adorable cosmetics; there’s a lot of different ways to empty your wallet. Ironically, though, buying champions isn’t really one of them.

You can pick up characters using the in-game Blue Essence, and get them even cheaper if you combine said sparkly blue crystals with the champion shards that drop semi-frequently. I personally have never dropped RP (Riot Points, the game’s premium currency) on a champion, but perhaps I’m among the minority.

Recently, though, players challenged Riot over its pricing system, claiming that supposedly beginner-friendly champions like Yuumi still cost a little too much. In response, Riot confirmed it was working on a solution, and it’s finally here – well, it’ll arrive with patch 13.5, so close enough.

Describing the current pricing model as “a bit archaic,” lead champion designer August ‘August’ Browning and senior design lead Jordan ‘BarackProbama’ Checkman state that “this new structure still uses the age of a champion, but is no longer directly tied to champion releases.”

Instead, it focuses on “how many seasons the champion has seen rather than how many champions have released since. We plan to keep the existing flow of new champions having an initially higher price point and being discounted after a week, with an additional discount after two seasons, where they’ll be placed in a tier based on the data we see with new and returning players.” Champions that undergo any significant reworks may also switch around depending on player data.

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New League of Legends champion prices

All of the new League of Legends champion price brackets are below:

Price (BE / RP) Champion Type
450 / 260 Beginner champions that are easily approachable (e.g Yuumi)
1350 / 585 Champions that are approachable, but a little harder to play (e.g Sett)
3150 / 790 Champions with a steep learning curve that require a lot of practice (e.g LeBlanc)
4800 / 880 Majority of the roster.
6300 / 975 Champions that released in the past two seasons.
7800 / 975 Champions that released within the last week.

Riot (or August, let’s be real) has also added another tier costing 4,444 / 880 for “only perfection and beauty.” Will this just be Jhin? Who knows – the mind of Mr. Browning is a wild and wonderful place.

Importantly, Kayle, Ryze, Singed, and Twisted Fate’s pricing will be different as Riot “do not think that new players are likely to find success with them.” Their prices are 4800 BE, which is an increase, but their RP price of 260 remains the same. I’m a Kayle player, and I 100% respect this.

As someone who is still deemed relatively new to League of Legends (I’m a season ten baby, sue me), I think this is exactly what the game needed. The current pricing system always seemed confusing (especially Yuumi) and, in many ways, I wish it had been overhauled earlier. Maybe then I wouldn’t have bought Gnar because he was cute and got mangled in the top lane (or maybe I would have, after all, he’s adorable).

These changes will also make checking out how much you’ve spent on League of Legends a little less painful (they won’t), but may also leave you thankful for all of those League of Legends Prime Gaming rewards you’ve collected.