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League of Legends’ Clash team mode arrives very soon - finally

Riot Games reveals Clash at last arrives this February, after several years in the works

Riot Games recently announced League of Legends season 10 would bring the long-awaited Clash mode to the MOBA game – but it wasn’t clear when this might be. Now, however, LoL fans have their answer – the developer has revealed the mode hits the live game in just a couple of weeks.

Riot has posted the news on the League of Legends Twitter channel, simply announcing: “Clash is coming” with the dates February 22-23 – just over two weeks away as of this story. The news is sure to be hugely welcome to the LoL community, given the team-based mode has been in the works for a few years and is “long-overdue” to launch, according to a dev video released in January.

Clash is a team-based tournament mode that gets players to “fight as five – win as one” to chase down victories and trophies. The tournament can be entered using Clash tickets bought with in-game currencies, Blue Essence or RP. A captain puts together a team, choosing its name, logo, and tag, and the group’s tier is determined by the composition of teammates’ ranks.

Clash matches are played out in a competition that stretches across three days, every two weeks, with teams starting in a four bracket round on a Friday, then an eight bracket round the next day – if you’ve scored two wins in a row. Winners of this day go on to play in a final, 16 bracket round on the Sunday – and that’s where the big prizes are up for grabs.

In Clash you can earn rewards such as Victory Points, Summoner Icons, Clash Orbs, Capsules, and other potential goodies for playing, depending on how you progress and the number of tickets used to enter. Each tournament has its own exclusive trophy up for grabs.

There’s no more information about how Clash will be rolled out other than the dates posted just yet and there’s no sign of Clash mentioned in the LoL patch 10.3 notes for the now-live update. LoL patch 10.4 is just around the corner, however, dropping on February 20 according to the 2020 League of Legends patch schedule. That’s just a couple of days before Clash, so perhaps we’ll hear more from Riot about it very soon.

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