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League of Legends might finally be getting a new death recap

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Joedat ‘Voyboy’ Esfahani may have just revealed some upcoming changes to League of Legends – a new death recap, plus an item and champion. The LoL pro released two new videos of him testing the coming Mordekaiser rework, but there are some juicy morsels hidden away, which diligent fans have since dug up.

The first video’s major revelation, as Redditor ExpomonkeyOG points out, is a blurred screen every time Voyboy’s champion bites the big one. This hints at an upcoming overhaul of the game’s death recap feature – a breakdown of the damage taken in a champion’s last moments. Players have been calling for a change to this system, which has been ‘broken’ for years, so this could be an exciting development if proven true.

Blurring the death screen seems pretty likely to invite speculation. It seems like better solutions might exist if Riot really wanted to keep a lid on any changes – like cutting the death screen altogether – so perhaps this is a deliberate way to tease the community about an overhaul.

Next up on viewers’ radar is a mysterious new support item with the label ‘experimental’ in the item shop. The item’s status suggests that Riot’s not done developing it just yet, but based on its name and features we can make a guess how it might work. It’s called the ‘Spellthief’s Ring’, and it gives the player a choice – receive attack damage, health, ability power, or gold-per-minute.

This is pretty new territory for the game’s support items, and could usher in a range of new options for them – for example, by perhaps making starting item builds shareable for different types of supports.

As if these revelations weren’t tantalising enough, the second video shows five empty character slots in the selection screen – one of which is tagged with the name ‘Aphelios’. Who knows, maybe this is the name of the assassin champion hinted at by Riot in their 2019 Character Roadmap.

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Intentional or not, the big takeaway from Voyboy’s videos is that some exciting things seem to be on the horizon for League of Legends fans, courtesy of some top quality digging. After all, in the words of Vi: “sometimes you gotta MAKE a door’.