League of Legends devs are “pretty close” to launching Dr Mundo’s rework

"I can finally say we’re getting pretty close to re-releasing the Madman of Zaun"

It’s been months since we’ve heard about the upcoming rework of League of Legends champion Dr Mundo, but developer Riot Games has now revealed it’s not too far away. And, we’ve been given a snapshot of what the newly unveiled ‘Madman of Zaun’ will look like when he arrives.

In League of Legends’ Champion Roadmap post for April 2021, lead producer of champions Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles announces he can “finally say we’re getting pretty close to re-releasing the Madman of Zaun”, noting: “man, this champion has a lot of skins”. Giving us a peep at several aspects of the overhauled champ, the dev has shared something pretty exciting – the final Rageborn Mundo splash art, which you can check out below.

It’s a pretty big departure from the original – primarily because this time around we can see more of the Rageborn skin itself, rather than Mundo launching an enormous axe – and it has a load of cool new details. For example, the good doctor has some new fur-lined armour plates on his shoulders, and we can see a kit bag bursting with glowing vials, among other new aspects. You can see the original concept from Riot’s previous post here if you’re keen for a reminder.

Here’s the brand-new Rageborn Mundo splash (click on it to enlarge it):

Mireles adds that it’s also “currently putting the last bit of polish on his Legendary skin, Corporate Mundo”, and wants to ensure it hits the bar the studio’s set for the quality of and expectations around modern Legendary skins. “The team is having a blast working on it, as you can see by this fun animation Drew ‘Sandwichtown’ Morgan put together to inspire the team”, he adds – and here’s the clip:

YouTube Thumbnail

As for the champ’s overhauled VO, Riot has said it’s opted to make new Mundo a “shade or two smarter than current Mundo”, even having him now actually acknowledge that he’s a ‘doctor’ at long last. “We want to preserve Mundo’s dark yet extremely comical (…and dumb) personality, and his VO is an important part of that,” the dev adds, giving us a snapshot of his new-and-improved voiceover, which you can check out if you head to the dev post itself.

There’s no word on exactly when the reworked Dr Mundo will come to the live game, and it’s not clear with which patch he’ll hit the PBE for testing, but it sounds like his debut’s not too far away now, so Mundo mains can rejoice that he’s on his way. For now, be sure to check out our League of Legends patch 11.9 notes to get an idea of what’s headed to live League next.