League of Legends Dr Mundo skins are rarer than UK Prime Ministers

League of Legends Dr Mundo skins are pretty sparse despite his recent visual rework, and the UK has seen three PMs resign since Riot gave him a new look

League of Legends Dr Mundo skins are less common that UK PMs resigning: A blue ogre in a business suit stands in a messy office while his assistant looks exasperated in the background

Yes, this is a serious article: League of Legends Dr Mundo skins are less frequent than UK Prime Ministers handing in their resignation. The top laner remains one of the MOBA‘s most neglected champions in terms of cosmetics but, who knows, maybe we’ll see a PM Mundo skin to make up for it.

This news comes in the wake of former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’ resignation on October 20, spelling just 44 days in office and marking a sick dub for a local lettuce.

As the memes flooded in, one League of Legends player noticed that three UK PMs have resigned since top lane terror, Dr Mundo, last got a skin.

The thread (entitled ‘The UK has had three prime ministers resign since Mundo’s last skin’) starts with a damning “this has to stop. Yes, technically Dr Mundo got a VGU, but he hasn’t had a new skin in over 1400 days, meanwhile the UK has had three Prime Ministers resign.

“I am a Zilean main, one of the most forgotten champions in League of Legends,” they lament. “Living in the UK is hard; we don’t have sun and our currency is in rapid decline. I believe that the least Riot Games should do is give my champion a new skin every time I get a new Prime Minister.”

Unfortunately for them, Zilean skins are also pretty non-existent, with the support champion still having no new cosmetics after 1,000 days of waiting. Man, u/Pretend-Elderberry25, I feel for you right now.

And so do the comments section (well, kind of). “The solution is simple, elect Dr. Mundo as Prime Minister. He’s a doctor and a proven businessman,” writes one fan. “Prime Mundoster would be a great skin concept,” comments another.

A final response notes “hey guys I want to reassure this poor British person but the only British I know is Tracer voicelines. Um uh, cheer up, love. No matter how dark it gets, the calvary will be here? Three prime ministers, oy? You must get that feeling of deja vu, and to me it looks like you need a time out, to keep calm and Tracer on, because it’s always… yeah, no, I give up.”

As someone who avidly hates both Mundo and Zilean I can’t say I’m too distraught about them not getting new cosmetics, but I do feel for fans. Hopefully this Reddit thread will spur on a new skin for either champion – PM Mundo and Lettuce Zilean, maybe? Zilean has one food-themed skin already, after all.

I’d buy them if Riot released them, but I wouldn’t be checking how much I’ve spent on League of Legends afterwards (I’ve just picked up Bewitching Senna, RIP). While we wait for some long-awaited cosmetics, you can also check out the League of Legends 12.20 patch notes, and our rundown of all the new League of Legends preseason 2023 changes.