Elementalist Lux added to League of Legends today, gets new trailer and website

Elementalist Lux

Elementalist Lux, the latest League of Legends ultimate skin and the focus of its last full patch (6.23), is now available, and she gets a rather beautiful mini-site to commemorate her release.

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Elementalist Lux is an ultimate skin for Lux, a mage champion. Like other ultimate skins, Elementalist Lux brings completely unique cosmetic features to the game, transforming in the middle of matches.

She starts each game in Light form, and gathers elemental power by hitting enemy champions with abilities. When she has enough, she can choose from one of four elements to shift into the corresponding form. She can then transform a second time, mixing elements to produce five further second-tier forms. Each of these ten forms has its own skin, particle effects, animations taunts and more.

Elementalist Lux's ten forms

The basic edition of Elementalist Lux is yours for 3,250 RP, while the Master Elementalist edition will cost you 3,950 RP. The basic edition gets you Elementalist Lux plus five exclusive summoner icons, while the Master Elementalist edition adds another five icons – for each of Elementalist Lux’s second-tier transformations – plus the Elementalist Ward skin.

More details are available on thisimpressively animated mini-site, but they won’t tell you the full story. For that, check[email protected]. For everything else in patch 6.23, check our patch notes.