League of Legends Eternals get cheaper following player backlash

The prices are not eternal, at least

Riot recently announced the addition of Eternals to League of Legends – a set of purchasable cosmetics that basically serve as achievements and stat trackers. Fans weren’t happy about the planned rollout. Some felt the 850 RP asking price per set was too much, while others took umbrage at the idea of selling stat trackers at all. Either way, Riot has today announced some changes.

Eternals will now be divided into two set types, and both will be cheaper than originally announced. Common sets will be 225 RP (or available in the Essence Emporium twice a year for 3500 BE) and will have broad trackers that work across every champion, like kills and objects. Unique sets will be 590 RP, and offer champion-specific Eternals.

Either way, sets will give you three Eternals, each of which offers a gameplay milestone to track. You’ll see numbers go higher with in-game notifications when you cross certain thresholds in appropriate statistics.

Eternals are currently available for testing on the PBE.

“Your candid feedback after the reveal has been incredibly helpful,” Riot says in the announcement, “especially from those who saw what we saw in Eternals and took the time to outline what specifically felt bad and what you’d like to see improved. We hope you keep the comments coming as we work to create the best version of Eternals.”