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Limited-time game modes are coming back to League of Legends

Following feedback from fans, Riot says it's planning to bring game modes back to League of Legends

It looks like League of Legends developer Riot Games has changed its tune when it comes to limited-time game modes. In an Ask Riot thread last week, game design lead Justin ‘Xenogenix’ Hanson said that the studio acknowledged that events had become “stale” over recent months.

Earlier this year, with the successful release of Teamfight Tactics, Riot told fans that it would be producing fewer limited-time modes going forward, as player interest often dropped off soon after release. Instead, the focus would be on longer-term investments such as the aforementioned autobattler and the now-abandoned Nexus Blitz. As a result, this year’s Star Guardians and Project events did not see a return of their Invasion and Overcharge modes.

That decision, however, upset some fans who wanted other ways to engage with the wider world of League of Legends. In the Ask Riot post, one player said that “events have become less quality over time,” and that “the gaming experience doesn’t bring anything new to players,” asking whether Riot plans “more substantial and interesting events for players?”

In response, Xenogenic said that “we’ve heard this feedback and wholeheartedly agree – events have become more stale this year. We want each event to feel like a unique experience that all players can be excited for, which is why our goal moving forward is to make participating in events more rewarding, more novel, and more memorable for everyone.”

Xenogenic didn’t explain exactly how these changes would work, but he did reveal a set of more general plans. Players will get an increased number and variety of missions to keep objectives from feeling repetitive, and those missions will interact more interestingly with the events themselves. Most importantly, however, Xenogenic confirmed that game modes new and old would be returning to events.

It’s too late for this years’ Project and Star Guardian events, of course, but apparently, we’ll “begin to see some of these changes soon, starting with our small steps for the upcoming Worlds event.” Speaking of Worlds, it’s only just around the corner, so be sure to keep up to date with the game with the League of Legends patch 9.18 notes ahead of next months’ tournament.