League of Legends’ playtime stretches back to the early Miocene Epoch

League of Legends

League of Legends might just be the biggest game in the world – at the very least, it’s in the conversation among the industry’s most astronomical titans. Riot recently reported that League of Legends player count is regularly reaching eight million concurrent users, and one of the best free PC games has sucked up more player hours than the total length of human history.

“160 billion total hours have been spent playing” League of Legends, according to the opening of the game’s new Netflix documentary. That hour count translates to over 18 million years. For context, that would take us well past the Earth’s last ice age, into the Miocene Epoch. (The early Miocene Epoch.)

Another fun stat from the doc is that “the number of players would make up the fifth largest country in the world,” deposing Brazil. So yes, there are more total League of Legends players than there are Brazilians. Don’t feel too bad about the time you’ve wasted in-game – you have, after all, contributed to numbers that are statistically significant in the full count of human history.

The documentary in question is called League of Legends Origins, and it recently released across a variety of streaming platforms. Most conveniently, it’s on Netflix, but you can get a full list of distributors on the official site.

You can also check out a trailer for Origins above.

Check out the notes on League of Legends patch 9.21 for details on what Riot’s got planned for the game in the immediate future.

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