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Next League of Legends patch buffs even more Champions for the jungle pool

Brand and more are getting jungle buffs

The jungle pool is getting more major buffs in the next set of League of Legends patches, as part of an effort to make more Champions viable for the role. Lead gameplay designer Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter has provided an early look at what to expect from those buffs – and it seems we can expect a load of Champions to join the pool of reliable jungle Champions soon.

The original suggestion was to expect Brand’s jungle buffs in patch 10.5, but that buff has been pushed back to patch 10.6 in an effort to “do more nuanced changes.” League of Legends patch 10.5 will, however, include jungle-focused buffs for Darius, Mordekaiser, and Poppy.

Darius’s P ability will now deal 175% to monsters, up from 120%. Mordekaiser’s P is getting a max damage boost against monsters, from the 25-120 range to 28-164. Similarly, Poppy’s Q is getting buffed against non-Champions, from 40-120 to 50-160. These are all described as “tentative changes,” but they are “close to final numbers.”

You can see the remainder of the tentative plans below.

It seems that our LoL tier list might make some big shifts after the next patch, but you can follow that link to find out who’s best in the current meta.