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K/DA’s upcoming EP is called ‘All/Out’, and it’s out next month

Exciting news, K/DA fans

In August, League of Legends developer Riot Games revealed the MOBA game’s virtual pop group K/DA was making a comeback. The group originally launched the enormously popular track ‘Pop/Stars’ at the 2018 League of Legends World Championships (it’s got over 377 million views on YouTube as of this story, to give you an idea), and the returning group debuted a new track ‘The Baddest’ earlier this summer. Now, Riot’s announced the name and release date of K/DA’s upcoming EP.

The upcoming K/DA EP is titled ‘All/Out’, and it’s due to launch on November 6 – so in just over a month’s time from now. Exciting news for fans keen for the group’s return, following the various teases popping up on the group’s Twitter channel recently.

As revealed on social media, there’s also some snazzy new EP cover and other artwork to get a look at, too, which we’ve included for you to see below.

Here’s the EP art revealed on Twitter:

And here’s some additional artwork shared on Twitter, too:

November 6 isn’t so far away, so get ready to get stuck into what K/DA’s got on the way next very soon.