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Pay to win: can professional coaching turn us from chump to champion in League of Legends?

Chump to Champion Pro League of Legends coaching

Update: read the whole story in our League of Legends coaching diary

It it possible for a League of Legends noob to become a pro in ten hours? It’s an impossible sounding task, but that’s not going to stop us trying. That’s why we’ve hired a League of Legends coach to teach me – Matt Purslow, hater of eSports – how to play a MOBA. 

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For the next few weeks I’m going to be taking lessons with Tobi: a Diamond-rank LoL player who teaches people how to ace the infamously tough 5v5 arena game. He’s one of Yuwin.net‘s many coaches, who charge hourly to impart their knowledge.

Tobi is used to coaching players who are reasonably familiar with LoL and looking to up their game, so he’s got a real challenge with me: a person who last played League back in 2011 for a couple of matches before deciding it ‘definitely wasn’t for me’. I don’t know a lane from a Lux. I hope he realises what he’s got himself into.

I’ll be writing a diary about my experiences, explaining what Tobi’s taught me and how I’m putting it into practice. I’ll probably grumble a bit too, because I think League of Legends is a load of old tosh. Which is probably precisely why my editor signed me up for this. (Cheers, Joel.)

Keep checking back here at PCGamesN and I’ll update you with my progress as I attempt to evolve from noob to pro in just ten lessons. You’ll be able to laugh at my incompetence, if nothing else. Or will you?

Want to try it for yourself? You can play League of Legends for free right now.