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League of Legends’ Ezreal rework is officially revealed

Ezreal rework gameplay finally shows what to expect from League of Legends' latest big change

An Ezreal rework is on the way for League of Legends, and today we’ve gotten our first substantial look at what the champion’s new version will entail. It appears to largely be a visual rework, but some tweaks for his abilities are on the way – most notably, an entirely different form for his W, Essence Flux.

Ezreal is looking a lot different and a lot more anime-like this time around. Essence Flux now puts a mark on an enemy champion that appears to buff damage against them. It’s used as an opener in the gameplay preview – which you can see below – and the change fits right in with Riot’s stated goals for the rework.

“We didn’t need a map to know that dramatically changing his abilities would be a disservice to one of League’s most iconic marksmen,” Riot said in its August roadmap. “That said, we also know that Ezreal players aren’t in love with his current W, Essence Flux, so we will be updating that ability to be more in-line with his theme of an ace spellslinger—lining up shots then knocking ’em down.”

Changes to other abilities are far less fundamental, and we’ll be wait for a full breakdown of damage value and cast times to see what’s changed there.

But we won’t have to wait in order to see Ezreal’s new look and reworked skins, because that’s all shown in the final seconds of the trailer above. You can also find a new story and lore breakdown via Riot if you need all the details on who this new Ezreal actually is.