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Jinx stars in a mysterious new League of Legends teaser

Riot is teasing "something new" for League of Legends, with a (tiny) video featuring Jinx

LoL Jinx teaser

Riot is teasing something new heading to League of Legends. A (very tiny) teaser trailer has popped up on a few of the game’s social media accounts, showing off what seems to be some new content related to one of the game’s champions, Jinx.

The video, which you can check out in the tweet below, was first posted on the game’s EU Twitter account. Captioned “BROADCAST TEST,” it features someone looking directly into the camera. Fixing something just out of shot, the figure says “just a sec….there!,” before the entire thing cuts out, and we’re left with nothing.

While we don’t know exactly who this mystery figure is, as I mentioned above, we can be pretty confident it’s chaos-loving ADC Jinx. Sure, she’s got red hair now (a welcome improvement, if you ask me), but as a Jinx main, I’d recognise that voice anywhere, even with her brand-new outfit. Such an outfit does, of course, speak to a new skin, but as players have pointed out, this is a lot of effort for Riot to go to for just one new cosmetic.

When asked whether this was some sort of promo for the newly introduced League of Legends partner program, Riot replied that “this is for something new,” but for now, it seems that we’re just going to have to take a guess. There are no references to other characters in the tiny teaser, and while more videos might come out over the next few days, there’s nothing to really prompt any further speculation.

With that in mind, the suggestion that this is just a new skin seems to be the most accurate. That said, Jinx already has quite a few skins, and as already mentioned, Riot doesn’t normally offer up teasers unless there’s something special on the cards. Keep an eye out over the next few days.

Until then, however, check out the League of Legends patch 8.18 patch notes. It’s a small patch, as we’re gearing up for Worlds and Riot clearly doesn’t want to mess with the meta too much, but there are still a few important changes to check out. Sejuani and Vayne in particular could see very impactful tweaks to their kit.