League of Legends killed off Gangplank, but he’s coming back soon

League of Legends Gangplank

Last week League of Legends killed a champion for story reasons. This is unheard of: the League of Legends story is generally pretty separate to the actual game, mostly there to add backstory and flavour. But this year’s Bilgewater event saw Gangplank killed off in both lore and game, removing him from play.

Spoilers ahead for anyone who really loves to embrace the lore: Gankplank isn’t dead! Of course he’s not, he’s a Champion and you can hardly expect Riot to kill of a character who people paid good money for. It looked like he had drowned, but he’ll be back at Summoner’s Rift soon, albeit missing an arm.

“The orchestrated spectacle of the Dead Pool’s destruction led many to believe that the dread reaver Gangplank perished in the flames,” reveals a post on the League of Legends website. “But what is dread may never die, and Gangplank returns to reclaim what he believes to be rightfully his.

“Fitted with a new limb to replace the one he lost, the Saltwater Scourge will soon rain cannonballs down on Summoner’s Rift again after a brief stay on the PBE.”

Gangplank will return as part of the next League of Legends patch, which is due any day now. His new, default character model will sport a new mechanical arm. If you’d prefer the classic look, a skin will be available for free for anyone who own Gangplank and have played an entire matchmade game with him. The skin can be unlocked by playing a match at any time until August 10th.