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League of Legends launching in Japan; world dominance almost complete

League of Legends Japan

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2014, Riot have announced that their pedigree MOBA, League of Legends, is heading to Japan. Working together with Japan’s Logitech company, Logicool, they plan to put up Japanese servers in the very near future. That is of course, after a full localization has been performed, similar to that of the Korean version of the game.

“We are putting our efforts into the ability for players to play on a reliable server with stability.” stated Riot Japan’s representative, Otobe Ichiro. “[Servers are] in preparation, but the form it will take is difficult to confirm. However, Riot Japan is working at full efforts for a fast opening of a Japanese server.”

A Japanese version of the League of Legends beginner tutorial was also demoed, sealing their intent to make this a reality. The rest of the game will take time to localize – most notably each champion which will need to be dubbed in Japanese.

Where do you think we’ll see League of Legends next, or have Riot now successfully spread across the entire globe?

Thanks inven.co.kr, and Reddit user /u/Syneiz for the translation!