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League of Legends match viewer will not be made for Microsoft HoloLens despite being most sought after idea in public competition

HoloLens League of Legends match viewer denied by Microsoft

In December, Microsoft asked the world what they’d like to see feature on its augmented reality device HoloLens. The Share Your Ideas initiative asked users to submit ideas and, by way of a public vote, the top three would be put to Twitter before the overall winner’s idea would be developed and brought to life. Sadly, a League of Legends match viewer has been vetoed by Microsoft – even though it accrued thousands of votes more than its competition. 

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Users had until yesterday to table their ideas – to which over 5,000 folk obliged. One user, FatedTitan, saw their League of Legends Match Viewer idea garner 3,057 votes, with its closest rival grabbing just 678.

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch League of Legends matches in your home without having to stare at a computer screen?” asks user FatedTitan in their submission. “What if you could watch your favorite professional teams battle it out on the Rift and not be limited to what is shown on Twitch?”

The post goes on to stress the benefits HoloLens would bring to home-based match viewing, where the headset would show matches in their entirety, playing out in real time, with the entire map viewable – not just the specific angles livestreams are restricted to.

It continues: “The entire Rift would be at the viewer’s disposal. If they want to see the entire map, they can. If they want to zoom into certain lanes, they can. If they want to have their HoloLens to go to where the action is happening, they can.”

Sounds pretty nifty, doesn’t it? If it weren’t for one part of the Share Your Ideas terms and conditions that both FatedTitan and the idea’s 3,000+ voters sadly missed: “Lastly, we want to share the development process with everyone. That means all of the intellectual property and ideas have be open to the public,” reads one section of the T&Cs which of course makes the match viewer a no-go – even if Microsoft did sound excited about it themselves.

“We love this idea, the creativity, and the level of support it has received from [the] League of Legends community,” reads Microsoft’s reply. “However, in order for Microsoft to open source the code to the community as promised, we cannot build a project which is based on existing intellectual property. For more information on how the finalists will be determined, or to discuss how finalists will be determined, please see our related editor’s note. Thanks for sharing your ideas and being part of the HoloLens community!”

Ah well, it was a neat idea while it lasted, I suppose. Perhaps a third-party investor with some spare cash hanging around could pick it up? In any event, would this have made its way into your living room, had Microsoft given it the green light?