League of Legends’ Mid-Season Magic brings “cohesion and game health” to mages

League of Legends

While League of Legends enjoys a mid-season intermission, some significant, mage-focused updates are going to be rolled out to bring “distinction” back to magic users. 

Our list of the best League of Legends champions might need a shakeup after these updates go live.

“Mages are one of League’s most established classes but, over the years, their strategic identities have become muddied and their gameplay hasn’t kept up with evolving standards,” says the official post from Riot.

“Much like our work on the juggernauts and marksmen, we saw the opportunity to update a ‘roster’ of champions to ensure the class as a whole is relevant and satisfying to play. Ultimately our goal is to bring distinction, cohesion and, yes, game health to the mages, giving them a unique reason to be picked.”

Here are some of the tweaks coming to your favourite champions:


While still a low-mobility lockdown specialist, Malhazar can now call on more friends from the void and will be more useful in close combat thanks to his new passive, Void Shift.


Brand’s tweaks will see him have a harder time nuking lone targets, but he’ll be much more effective against clusters of enemies thanks to Burning Vengeance.


Vladimir’s still the sustain-focused blood mage, but he will be able to more effectively tap into health to cause chaos.


The control mage’s new passive lets her spread even more flora across the Rift. If left to grow her makeshift forest, she will be able to take advantage of extra counter-engagement opportunities.


This monster is perfect for long-range poke damage or melting the front line with a true-damage laser beam.


With this serpent, Riot are introducing an entirely new type of debilitation – “Grounded” – that negates an enemy’s ability to flash, dash, or even take a friendly Thresh lantern to safety for the duration of the debuff.

Additionally, there are a bunch of new and updated items, as well as the addition of elemental dragons to spice up the early game objectives. If you want to see the complete roster of tweaks and additions, complete with video examples, have a look at the official Mid-Season Magic post.