League of Legends patch 6.24


League of Legends’ next big content patch is 6.24, introducing new champion Camille (she’s got swords for legs), as well as a host of balance and bug fixes, mostly tweaking champions that have been introduced or redesigned in recent months. Have a look below for all the information we’ve got, straight from the PBE.

Want in? You’ll need the best League of Legends champions.

LoL Patch 6.24 Release Date And Downtime

Patch 6.24 will release on December 7 at 3am Pacific for NA, 5am GMT for EUW and 3am CET for EUNE. Keep an eye on the server maintenance page for the latest updates. Quick reminder that this is the last patch of the year before we go into 7.X patches, so expect some weirdness outside the norm for the next PBE cycle.

LoL Patch 6.24 New Champion – Camille

Camille Abilities

League of Legends’ next champion is Camille, the Steel Shadow, a savage enhanced human who has swords for legs and some great animations. When she’s not keeping the powerful in power she’s hanging out in LoL’s top lane, winning duels with precise targetting of powerful abilities. At least that’s the plan. Here’s how she plays:


  • Attack Range: 125
  • Movement Speed: 340
  • Base HP: 575.6
  • HP Growth: 95
  • Base Mana: 338.8
  • Mana Growth: 32
  • Base Damage: 62
  • Damage Growth: 3.5
  • Attack Speed per level : 2.5
  • Base HP Regen: 1.7
  • HP Regen growth: 0.16
  • Base Mana Regen: 1.63
  • Mana Regen growth: 0.15
  • Base Armor: 26
  • Armor Growth: 3.8
  • Base Magic Resist : 32.1
  • Magic Resist per level: 1.25

Adaptive Defenses (Passive):

Adaptive Defenses

  • Camille’s basic attacks against champions grant her a shield equal to 20% of her maximum health against their primary damage type for 1.5 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 20/15/10 seconds (levels 1/7/13)
  • Primary damage type is determined via analysing every champion in the game and Camille’s resistances to grant the best shield.

Precision Protocol (Q)

Precision Protocol

  • Mana cost: 25
  • Cooldown: 9/8.25/7.5/6.75/6 seconds
  • Camille’s next basic attack deals 20/25/30/35/40% AD bonus physical damage and increases her movement speed by 20/25/30/35/40 for 1 second. This ability can be recast in the next 3 seconds at no cost.
  • If the second Precision Protocol attack hits at least 1.5 seconds after the first, the bonus damage is doubled and [55-100 based on level]% of the attack is converted into true damage. This cannot critically strike.

Tactical Sweep (W)

Tactical Sweep

  • Mana cost: 50/55/60/65/70
  • Cooldown: 15/13.5/12/10.5/9 seconds
  • Camille winds up and then slices in a direction, dealing 65/95/125/155/185 (+60% bonus AD) physical damage to enemies hit. She is able to move while winding up.
  • Enemies hit by the outer half are slowed by 90%, decaying over 2 seconds. They take extra physical damage equal to 6/6.5/7/7.5/8% (+3% per 100 bonus AD) of their maximum health, healing Camille for 100% of the damage dealt (healing capped at [10% max health] from non-champions).
  • Tactical Sweep does 50% less damage to non-epic monsters.

Hookshot (E)

  • Mana cost: 50
  • Cooldown: 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 seconds
  • Fire a hookshot that attaches to terrain, pulling Camille to it and allowing Hookshot to be recast for 1 second.
  • On second cast, Camille leaps from the wall, colliding with the first enemy champion hit. Upon landing, she deals 70/115/160/205/250 (+75% bonus AD) physical damage to nearby enemies and stuns them for 1 second stun. Dashes towards enemy champions travel twice as far and grant 40/50/60/70/80% attack speed for 5 seconds.

Hextech Ultimatum (R)

Hextech Ultimatum

  • Mana cost: 100.
  • Cooldown: 140/115/90 seconds
  • Camille briefly becomes untargetable and leaps onto an enemy champion, locking them into an area they cannot escape by any means for 4 seconds. Other nearby enemies are knocked away. Her basic attacks against the trapped enemy deal bonus magic damage equal to 5/10/15 plus 4/6/8% of their current health.
  • The Hextech Ultimatum ends if Camille leaves the area.

Here’s what all that looks like:

And while we’re here, all her unique interactions with various characters, items and actions:

LoL Patch 6.24 Balance Changes

That out of the way, let’s start with the really important bit, shall we? What you need to remember is that stuff on the PBE like this is neither guaranteed to happen, nor to be in the next patch even if it does. This is what the folks over at Riot are thinking about doing. We’ve got the numbers on what’s changing, and a general guideline on which way each champion, item, mastery, summoner spell or rune is moving.

Patch 6.24 Champion Changes

Akali –buffed

Akali balance changes

  • Twin Disciplines (Passive):
    • Now works on structures.

Azir –buffed

Azir changes

  • Shurima’s Legacy (Passive):
    • Turret AD per minute increased to 4 from 3.
    • Gold reward for enemies killing Azir’s turret decreased to 50g from 100g.
  • Arise! (W):
    • Recharge time decreased to 10/9/8/7/6 from 12/11/10/9/8

Fiddlesticks – buffed

Fiddlesticks balance changes

  • Drain (W):
    • Damage increased to 80/105/130/155/180 from 60/90/120/150/180
  • Dark Wind (E):
    • Cooldown decreased to 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds from 15/14/13/12/11

Fizz –changed


  • Churn the Waters (R):
    • Visual clarifications to help with understanding:
      • Whiffed fish now display their attachment radius to enemies
      • Whiffed fish now visually hop onto enemies they attach to, rather than instantly teleporting onto them
      • Fish that can’t attach to enemies (dropped after hitting a spell shield or when the original target dies) don’t display the attachment ring and instead flop over onto their bellies

Garen –buffed

Garen changes

  • Judgment (E):
    • New effect: Enemy champions hit by 4 spins lose 25% of their armor for 6 seconds. Refreshed by additional hits after fourth.

Ivern –nerfed

Ivern balance changes

  • Triggerseed (E):
    • Mana cost increased to 70 from 50
    • Slow decreased to 40/45/50/55/60% from 70% at all ranks.

Katarina –buffed

Katarina balance changes

  • Voracity (Passive):
    • Damage increased to 75-287 from 75-285
    • Rescaled to:
      • 75/78/83/88/95/103/112/122/133/145/159/173/198/214/231/248/267/287

Kog’Maw – changed

Kog'maw balance changes

  • Bio-Arcane Barrage (W):
    • % of target’s max health dealt increased to 3/4/5/6/7% from 2/3/4/5/6%
  • Void Ooze (E):
    • AP ratio lowered to 50% from 70%
    • Damage decreased to 60/105/150/195/240 from 60/110/160/210/260

Le’Blanc –changed

LeBlanc balance changes

  • HP Regen decreased to 1.48 from 1.7
  • HP Regen growth decreased to 0.11 from 0.16
  • Shatter Orb (Q)
    • Damage increased to 55/90/125/160/195 from 55/80/105/130/155
    • Bounce damage to minions decreased to 80% from 120%
  • Ethereal Chains (E):
    • Damage decreased to 40/60/80/120 from 40/65/90/115/140

Nidalee –buffed

Nidalee changes

  • Base attack damage increased to 53 from 47.88

Rengar –changed

Rengar balance changes

  • Attack growth increased to 1.5 from 1
  • Bonetooth Necklace (P):
    • Flat AD increased to 1/3/7/13/20 from 1/3/6/10/15
    • Percent bonus AD decreased to 1/3/7/13/20% from 2/6/12/20/30%

Shyvana –buffed

Shyvana balance changes

  • Fury of the Dragonborn (Passive):
    • Now operates on Twisted Treeline and Howling Abyss (ARAM):
      • HA – Shyvana gains 5 armor and magic resist for each turret her team destroys
      • TT – Shyvana deals 10% increased damage against Vilemaw and gains 5 armor and magic resist for each Vilemaw kill her team earns

Twitch –nerfed

Twitch balance changes

  • Deadly Venom (Passive):
    • True damage per stack decreased to 1/2/3/4/5 from 2/3/4/5/6
  • Venom Cask (W):
    • Mana cost increased to 70 from 50

Varus –changed

Varus balance changes

  • Living Vengeance (Passive):
    • Attack speed bonuses now scale with attack speed (examples).
      • 50% bonus AS ratio on champion kills & assist.
      • 25% bonus AS ratio on minion/monster kills.
    • Buff duration normalised:
      • Decreased to 5 seconds from 6 on champion kills & assist.
      • Increased to 5 seconds from 3 on minion/monster kills.

Vayne –nerfed

Vayne balance changes

  • Tumble (Q):
    • Bonus damage decreased to 30/35/40/45/50% AD from 30/40/50/60/70% AD.

Patch 6.24 Jungle Changes

Blue Sentinel

Blue Sentinal

  • Buff no longer increases ability power by 15%
  • Buff duration increased to two minutes from 90 seconds.

Red Brambleback

Red Brambleback

  • Buff no longer deals damage immediately on hit.
  • Buff duration increased to two minutes from 90 seconds.
  • Magic resist decreased to 20 from 26



  • XP reward decreased to half normal value on first clear.


  • Champion passives which proc on basic attack (ex. Caitlyn’s Headhunter, Nocturne’s Umbra Blades) are no longer consumed when attacking a plant (similar to attacking turrets or wards)
  • Draven’s Spinning Axe (Q) no longer bounces off plants. Instead, the duration is refreshed (similar to attacking turrets)
  • Poppy’s Iron Ambassador (Passive) now bounces back to her when attacking a plant (similar to killing a unit)

Patch 6.24 Mastery Changes

Courage of the Colossusnerfed

  • Maximum health % on shield decreased to 5% from 7%
  • Cooldown increased to 45-30 seconds based on level from 30.

Fervor of Battlebuffed

  • Stack duration increased to 6 seconds from 4 seconds.
  • AD per stack increased to 1-8 from 1-6
  • Max stacks decreased to 8 from 10.

Patch 6.24 Item Changes

Haunting Guisebuffed

  • Cost decreased to 1500g from 1600

Liandry’s Tormentbuffed

  • Cost decreased to 3100 from 3200

Rylai’s Crystal Scepterchanged

  • Total cost decreased to 2600g from 3200g
  • Recipe now: Blasting Wand + Amp Tome + Ruby Crystal + gold.
  • New text:
    • +300 Health
    • +75 Ability Power
    • UNIQUE Passive: Damaging spells and abilities reduce enemy movement speed by 20% for 1 second.

Patch 6.24 Summoner Spell Changes


  • No longer clears supression

LoL Patch 6.24 New Skins

Second most important: cosmetics. Lovely, gorgeous cosmetics. Bit more of a visual medium this, so we’ve grabbed the best videos of each skin, as well as a lovely pic or two. Some are relatively simple changes, while others are total reworks of every part of the champion outside the gameplay numbers – new VO, new animations, new particles and the rest. It’s generally defined by how much they cost, so we’ve detailed that as well.

Program Camille

1350 RP.Details from Riot.

Here’s their splash:

Program Camille splash art

Santa Braum

Santa Braum in-game

1350 RP.Details from Riot.

Here’s their splash:

Santa Braum splash art

Snow Day Graves

1350 RP.Details from Riot.

Here’s their splash:

Snow Day Graves splash art

Winter Wonder Karma

1350 RP.Details from Riot.

Here’s their splash:

Winter Wonder Karma splash art

All-Star Ward

All-Star season comes with its own ward skin.

LoL Patch 6.24 Login Screen

Each patch has its own login screen with unique music. They’re always fairly excellent, and 6.24’s is no different, plus a bit of a return to form for the Riot music team. It’s all All-Star:

There’s also Camille’s very own high-class login screen:

And bonus Christmas-styled Snowdown theme:

We’d hope that’s everything, but maybe a fourth is on the way?

LoL Patch 6.24 Winter Summoner’s Rift

After a couple of cycles worth of development, the winter varient of Summoner’s Rift is finally going to release in 6.24. Assets have been doing the rounds for the last month, but here’s [email protected]’s latest video on it:

It also has its own load screen:

Winter Summoner's Rift

LoL Patch 6.24 Spectator Mode changes

A few changes to spectator mode in this patch. Nothing huge, but changes people will appreciate:

  • Each team’s Elemental drake buffs are now tracked in spectator mode
  • For Poro King matches, charges toward summoning the Poro King are now tracked in spectator mode
  • For Nexus Siege matches, structure takedowns (offense) and charges toward the Obliterator (defense) are now tracked in spectator mode

Legion Alpha Client ‘Potato Mode’

As evidenced in this screenshot, Riot are adding a potato mode into the new client – something to help it run on low-spec PCs. It wasn’t meant to go live to PBE yet as stated on Reddit, and is part of a wider effort to get the new client running properly on machines that had no issues with the older version.

That’s League of Legends patch 6.24. We’ll update as and when we get more info, or we’ll see you for patch … 7.0? … in the very near future. Let us know below if there’s any vital info we missed!

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