League of Legends patch 6.6 is for the specialists (or “the one where we buff Kha’Zix”)

League of Legends patch 6.6

Do you play Kha’Zix, the Voidreaver? Do you reave voids of an evening? Then have we got a patch for you.

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“There’s lot of other changes,” say Riot, “but this one goes out to all you Bug Catchers out there. Oh, and there’s a space dragon if you’re into that sort of thing.”

League of Legends patch 6.6 is dedicated to a group Riot are calling the “specialists” – champions with extreme strengths that can define a team’s strategic thrust. They’re typically min-maxers, with harsh weaknesses that need to be balanced carefully. The Voidreaver fits that description.

“Kha’Zix takes more risk than reward these days,” the developers acknowledge. “[He’s] a bit of a balancing tightrope – Isolation makes him feast or famine by nature (either dominating a game or sputtering out), but he’s far enough below the line that we’re okay giving him some love.”

While taking care not to increase his burst too much, Riot have blessed Kha’Zix players with better dueling in extended engagements – plus a booster shot to his jungle clear.

The space dragon in question is Aurelion Sol – the giant, star-forging astral lizard also coming with the imminent patch. Think you’ll be giving him a test drive?